• 2500 Acres of training grounds
  • 50 Miles of turf gallops
  • 14 Miles of artificial track
  • 634 Wins in 2024 to date

Newmarket Principal Gallops

A world class training centre at the headquarters of racing

Al BahathriBury Side

9 furlongs artificial
The main all-weather work gallop Bury Side and Newmarket’s first ‘waxed’ synthetic surface back in 1985. Now Polytrack, it was further refurbished in 2018. The gallop on which Frankel famously out-ran a passing train.

Cambridge RoadRacecourse Side

11 furlongs artificial Polytrack
With an incline at the start before levelling out for the final mile, the Cambridge Road Polytrack is popular all-year-round for both fine-tuning and fast work.

The FlatRacecourse Side

Up to 2 miles turf
The Flat, Peat Moss and Summer Gallops run parallel to one another, each providing a different turf option depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

LimekilnsBury Side

Up to 12 furlongs turf
Spread over 200 acres, the Limekilns gallops include the Golden Mile and the Round, both of which are peat moss, and it can lay claim to being among the best set of grass gallops in the world.

Watered GallopRacecourse side

9 furlongs turf
Adjacent to the Rowley Mile racecourse, the Watered Gallop is irrigated and used when conditions are too dry for other grass gallops. Open Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat.

Warren HillBury Side

4.5 furlongs artificial
The two Warren Hill canters rise 40 metres in the last two furlongs and are the most used in Newmarket, taking approximately 16,000 horses per month.
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Newmarket Training Grounds Map

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