• 600 Acres of training grounds
  • 8 Miles of turf gallops
  • 7 Miles of artificial track
  • 236 Wins in 2024 to date

Lambourn Principal Gallops

First-class facilities in the Valley of the Racehorse

Back of the Hill

8.5 furlongs, turf & artificial
Principal National Hunt gallop with both a turf and artificial option. Extended mile gallop with left hand bend and uphill finish

Fisher’s Hill

5 furlongs, artificial
Much used canter on Activ-Track surface with steep first two furlongs. Ideal for ‘interval training’.


8 furlongs, artificial
Mile long Polytrack gallop with one left hand turn and steady, rolling incline. Has a chute at 3 furlongs for shorter work.

The Long

9 furlongs, artificial
Principal gallop for fast work, in particular for Flat horses, Polytrack surface with a straight final four furlongs and gradual, gentle incline

Mandown Schooling Grounds

25 acres, turf and artificial
Historic schooling grounds with row of 5 intermediate sized fences and 6 hurdles, plus all-weather schooling strip with Easy-fix fences and hurdles

The Short

5 furlongs, Ecotrack
Popular canter running parallel to the Long, with gentle, steady incline. Used for first canters and conditioning.

Lambourn Training Grounds Map

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