Filming and Photography

There are restrictions regarding filming and photography on the training grounds; the primary purpose for the restrictions is to protect the safety and welfare of horses and riders.

Filming on Jockey Club Estates training grounds in Newmarket, Lambourn or Epsom is not permitted without prior approval in the form of a licence agreement signed by both parties.

Any camera crew wishing to film on the training grounds should seek permission from Jockey Club Estates Head Office. Projects that explicitly promote the sport of horseracing will not be charged a filming fee, however, other projects maybe.

Photographers also require a licence agreement from Jockey Club Estates to take pictures unaccompanied on the training grounds. This can be secured in the form of an annual agreement, although one off requests for permission may also be submitted.

When the event in question is an official press day organised by a racecourse or a racing body and cleared in advance with Jockey Club Estates, attending film crews and photographers do not require their own agreements or licences.

Lambourn Training Grounds Map

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