About Jockey Club Estates

Jockey Club Estates is the estate management company of The Jockey Club, with assets in Newmarket and Lambourn. Its portfolio comprises all the property and assets of The Jockey Club outside of the group's racecourses.

Jockey Club Estates owns and is responsible for the management of 4500 acres at Newmarket and 550 acres at Lambourn, in addition it is responsible for the management of the training grounds at Epsom. The portfolio also includes over 90 properties, including the historic Jockey Club Rooms.

The company is owned by the Members of The Jockey Club and the profits generated are reinvested into improving and developing facilities under its management.

Jockey Club Estates Objectives

  • The continued development of public training grounds as centres of excellence for the training of thoroughbred racehorses.
  • The running of the Jockey Club Rooms in a commercial manner whilst protecting, maintaining and enhancing the Club's history and assets including the art collection.
  • Management and development of the Jockey Club Estates property portfolio to maximise overall returns for the longer term good of racing.
  • To actively engage with the local communities in which we operate and be seen as a positive force for change.
  • To use our assets in the wider interest of the sport.

Directors of Jockey Club Estates

William Sporborg, Chairman
Nick Patton
, Managing Director
Lisa Hancock

Simon Marsh

John Ferguson

Richard Pilkington

Katherine Stewart
Rupert Sweeting

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