• 2500 Acres of maintained training grounds
  • 50 Miles of turf gallops
  • 14 Miles of artificial tracks
  • 1923 Wins in 2021

Newmarket Horsemen’s Group

The Newmarket Horsemen’s Group represents all those in the region involved in the racing and breeding industry, in particular those whose livelihoods and future depend on there being a healthy racing industry.

Within a 25mile radius of Newmarket, the horseracing and thoroughbred breeding related businesses combined conservatively contribute over £240m* to the local economy per annum, directly employing 3,600 and providing in excess of 9,300 jobs in total.

The presence of the horseracing industry is what makes Newmarket unique. The racing and breeding operations based in and around the town set Newmarket apart, providing the area with a unique selling point, bringing economic, cultural and environmental benefits to the entire town.

The Group makes representation on behalf of Newmarket’s racing and breeding industry, including, for example, when engaging with local government and in reviewing proposals for planning and development.

The Newmarket Horsemen’s Group is comprised of the following members:

  • William Gittus, Chairman (The Jockey Club)
  • Hugh Anderson (Godolphin and Darley)
  • John Morrey (Tattersalls)
  • William Jarvis (Newmarket Trainers' Federation)
  • Nick Angus-Smith (Newmarket Stud Farmers' Association)
  • Kevin Needham (BBA Shipping, representing other Newmarket racing industry stakeholders

For further information contact: William Gittus, Chairman of Newmarket Horsemen’s Group; william.gittus@thejockeyclub.co.uk

* Newmarket’s Equine Cluster: The economic impact of the horse racing industry upon Newmarket, by SQW, 2017 Update.

Newmarket Training Grounds Map

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